Unspoken Celebration


I watched a friend last evening as he photographed a lovely sunset casting its palette of colors over a lake just beginning to slumber. There would never be another display of day’s end quite like this one, and he had the serenity of spirit to know it.


Life And Loss

They say that time heals all wounds.

They, unfortunately, are wrong.

At best, it helps temper the pain.

The loss of a loved one leaves a space within that can be filled by no other.

One of life’s trials. One of life’s realities.


Five Barbells To Building Character

1)  Tell the truth…to yourself and to others.

2)  Always keep promises.

3)  Arrive on time; it’s a show of respect.

4)  Take responsibility for the misses; let others praise you for the hits.

5)  Try it on yourself before you do it or say it.


Just A Thought

Our true character is reflected in the way we treat others who can do nothing for us.