It’s Just Death

A recent article in the Omaha World Herald covered the passing of Richard Holland, a long-time supporter of the city’s fine arts community.

Mr. Holland had been ill for quite some time, and when he realized the end would not be long in coming, he began receiving final visits from his many friends.

As one distraught friend prepared to leave, Mr. Holland said his goodbyes and then, probably to soften the situation, or possibly just to speak frankly – his purpose was not clear – he said with the tranquil grace matched in many ways by his life-long interest in the art he loved so much, “It’s just death.”

Three simple words that defined his view of what was to come.  Our interpretation of those words may vary, but it is undeniable that we all ponder, personally, privately, deeply, what lies beyond, and increasingly so as one grows older.

I read somewhere, a description which probably explains my philosophy of death as well as any.  It went thus: “I am not much for formal religion, but I do believe there is something after this life.  We are all forms of energy, and energy I am told, cannot be destroyed, only altered.”

Would you care to share your feelings about a subject which often goes undiscussed, while respecting the views others may put forth?  Remember, no one really can answer for certain until the unknown finally becomes known.

Eternal bliss?  Nothingness?  Or something all together different.